Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2104

My first thought when I got to New York was astonishment at how different it is from home.  I'm in Plainview right now.  The area is pretty big.  My companion is Elder Byrd and he is from Oregon.  We went to all the meetings at church yesterday.

Our apartment is the top floor of a two story house.  My area is a ward.  The ward is small only about a hundred people were there yesterday.  There is another set of Elders and two sets of Sisters in the area.

I burned my hand this week so I now have second degree burns.

Things are pretty cool.  New York is awesome.  It is extremely diverse.  I feel like we have knocked on a hundred doors trying to find new people to teach.

People here are either super friendly or super rude.  The people here drive crazy.  If you don't go right when the light changes they go nuts and honk a bunch of times.  The roads are super unorganized too, they aren't in a grid pattern like they are in Utah so it's kind of hard to navigate.  The area I'm in looks more like the house area in Salt Lake but much bigger.

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