Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

I gave my first blessing on Wednesday.  I had my first exchange on Monday and Tuesday.  It was really fun and I learned a lot from Elder MacCabe.  We had a zone meeting as well.  It was pretty good.

We had a service project this week at a 5k race.  We threw cornstarch mixed with food dye at people and it would get all over them.  The paint got everywhere (including all over us).

We visited the (T) family again, and of course we got super good Mexican food as usual.  I understand why people say that New York pizza is the best now, because it is.

It is super funny to see how people react when I say I am an Eagles fan.

My hand is getting better.  It doesn't hurt anymore and I don't need to keep it covered because it is starting to scar.  It is pretty cool looking.

It feels kind of weird to be 19 now.  It was already hard for people to believe that I was 18, now it will be hard for people to believe I'm older.  I experienced some more crazy drivers and I finally noticed how narrow the roads are compared to Utah.  On Sunday the sister missionaries surprised me with sort of a surprise birthday.  After the young adult linger longer I was taken outside and sprayed with silly string and got brownies.  That really made my day after a hard couple of days during the week.

Notice his batman socks?

And of course we have to get some Batman in here

And some how it should have ended:

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